• Policies & Guidelines

    9:00AM / 4:00PM
    Please send us a WhatsApp message to request early check in or late check out.

    NETWORK : Alpha Gay Resort 1 2 3
    PASSWORD : alpha2023

    8:00AM - 8:00PM
    Please send us a WhatsApp message for check in or check out outside these hours.

    8:00AM – 8:00PM
    Please send us a WhatsApp message to order food.

    8:00AM - 8:00PM
    Anything you order at the pool bar will be charged to your room.

    24 HOURS
    Strictly keep the noise level down when the pool bar is closed. Clothing optional around the swimming pool area only.

    10:00AM - until pool bar closes
    Please send us a WhatsApp message if you want to use the steam room so we can open it for you.

    8:00AM - 5:00PM
    Please send us a WhatsApp message to set up an appointment.

    8:00AM - 5:00PM
    Please send us a WhatsApp message if you want us to make up your room, if you need consumables, like toilet paper, coffee, water, etc. and if you require maintenance in the room.

    Due to unstable supply of electricity, the water heater in your room turns off automatically when the electricity fluctuates. So if you do not have hot water, please send us a WhatsApp message immediately so we can turn on the water heater back on in your room.

    Please do not throw paper towels or sanitary items in the toilet as this causes blockage. Strictly use the bin provided.

    Hair dryer is available upon request. Please send us a WhatsApp message if you need one.

    We charge 300.00 baht for lost or damaged room keys.

    Cable reception on the island is not stable so we provide all TV with Amazon Fire Stick where you can watch live news, Netflix, Prime Movies, etc.
    Please use the laundry bag provided in your closet. If you want us to do your laundry, kindly leave the bag outside your door and send us a WhatsApp message. We charge 100 baht per kilo for next day service.
    Please send us a WhatsApp message if you want to rent a motorbike or car.
    We provided 2 complimentary bottled drinking waters per person in the room. Please send us a WhatsApp message if you want us to refill your bottles. Please do not drink the tap water unless you boil it first.
    A deep cleaning fee of 2,000 baht will be charged to any guest who is found to be smoking in the room. Guests may smoke anywhere except in their rooms, dark room, steam room, massage room, dorm and other air-conditioned rooms.
    Every room is provided with a safe. On top of it are the detailed steps on how to operate it. If you forgot the code, the safe will keep on beeping after the 3rd failed try. Please send us a WhatsApp message for assistance.



    • We reserve the right to refuse accommodation or services or remove the guest and members of the party from the Resort if, in our reasonable opinion, the guest disrupts the comfort and enjoyment of other guests or the smooth running of the Resort or causes offense to other guests or members of our staff.
    • Any valuable items (i.e. money, electronic devices) brought into the Resort are at guest own risk therefore, we shall not be held responsible nor liable for the damage or loss of these items.
    • All items and furniture in the room are the property of the Resort. We therefore reserve the right to charge for the full replacement or repair or cleaning cost for any item or piece of furniture missing or damaged in the room.
    • Alpha is exclusive to adult men only, you can only meet female guests at the reception below. For safety, all outside male guests should register at the reception or guard house. For single occupancy booking, an extra person fee will be charged if a guest spends the night.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    Can I bring an outside guest into my room?
    Yes, you can bring outside guests in your room or to use our facilities but they have to register at the reception or guard house for security reasons. If the guests spend the night in your room, you will be charged for extra person accordingly.

    Where can I smoke in the resort?
    Smoking is allowed anywhere in the resort except inside the rooms and lobby. The fine is 2,000 baht if you smoke inside the room.

    When did you open?
    The property has been here for more than 20 years but we took over last 2017 and renovated 90% of it to make it new, livable, peaceful and very green.

    How often do you clean the rooms?
    We clean the rooms everyday but as per request. Please send us a WhatsApp message if you want us to make up your room.

    How far are you from the airport and beach?
    We are less than 10 minutes drive (3 km) from Samui International Airport and less than 15 minutes walk (1 km) to the white sand and blue waters of the infamous Chaweng Beach where gay bars, dance clubs, restaurants and drag shows are located.

    Do you provide laundry service?
    Yes we do. Just put your laundry inside the laundry bags provided in your room then put them outside on top of your table and we will pick them up. They will be ready within 24 hours.

    Can we rent a motorbike or car from you?
    Yes you can. We charge 300 baht per 24 hours and we do not take your passport. If you rent outside, it costs 200 baht but they will take your passport. For car rental, depends on the type of the car.

    Do you provide airport or pier transfer?
    Yes we do. We charge 350 baht for airport pickup while airport taxi charge 400 baht. For pier pickup, please contact us for rates because it depends on the pier location.