Alpha Gay Resort & Spa
S P A   M E N U


9am - 6pm

To ensure that the treatment will be available to you at your desired day and time, we recommend to make an advanced reservation at least 1-2 hours by sending WhatsApp or Line message to +66 62 167 1216.

We recommend you to come in before you appointment time, so that you can take your time to relax and talk to the therapist about the treatment and medical issues if you have.

Some of our treatments may not be suitable for you. Please inform our staff if you have any physical injuries or limitations as well as allergies.

All our therapists (male and female) are certified teachers from Spa Academy of Samui and will only provide professional, relaxing and quality treatment. No sexual activities nor favors are allowed.

T H A I   M A S S A G E

Traditional Thai
An ancient healing art using pressure points and gentle stretching. It is relaxing and effective in improving the blood circulation system and enhancing muscle flexibility. An ancient healing art using pressure points and gentle stretching. It is relaxing and effective in improving the blood circulation system and enhancing muscle flexibility.
60 Mins - Baht 1000

Foot Reflexology
Following the art of traditional Thai reflexology, our foot massages are designed to help release aches and tensions.
60 Mins - Baht 1000

Back, Neck, Head, Shoulder 
One of Thai massages focuses on releasing tension in the neck and shoulder areas.
60 Mins - Baht 1000

O I L   M A S S A G E

A classic massage that uses oil and 5 basic strokes and different pressure onto the body help reduce pain and tension.
60 Mins - Baht 1600

A classic relaxing massage that incorporates traditional massage techniques with the unique style of each therapist. This treatment will help increase circulation, relieve muscle tension and promote an overall sense of well-being.
60 Mins - Baht 1600

Before or After Sun
(Aloe Vera + Coconut Oil)
Pamper your body with the treatment designed for pre and After sun exposure by using different natural sun protecting remedies and sunburn soothing products.
60 Mins - Baht 1600

Aroma Hot Oil
Enjoy the heated oil with full body massage to relax and relief tension.
60 Mins - Baht 1900

Virgin Coconut Oil
Because it's so light virgin coconut oil absorbs very quickly. Its medium chain fatty acids penetrate skin to moisturize skin and condition underlying muscle.
60 Mins - Baht 1900

B O D Y   S C R U B

Virgin Coconut Oil
Fine salt scrub can exfoliate your skin efficiently. Virgin coconut oil will balance the exfoliation of salt and avoid the harshness of skin.
60 Mins - Baht 1600

Thai Herbal
Fruity and pleasant Herbal cream scrub will improve skin elasticity, hydration and smoothness. 
60 Mins -  Baht 1600

Exfoliate your skin for brighter and softer skin with Coffee scrub and brings back your clean soft which has neutral PH balance.
60 Mins -  Baht 1600

Rice Milk
This gentle scrub is perfect for all skin types, leaving the skin soft, smooth and bright.
60 Mins -  Baht 1600

F A C I A L   T R E A T M E N T

After Sun
A treatment designed to soothe a sunburned face, restore freshness, correct uneven skin tone, comfort, calm redness and prolong the tan. The treatment uses renowned Aloe Vera products. 
60 Mins - Baht 1,800

For problem skin due to pollution and stress. Using celebrated coffee grounds products to remove dead cells from the skin’s surface while encouraging cell renewal.
60 Mins - Baht 1,800

Gold Collagen Rejuvenation
For fine lines and wrinkles. Experience the ultimate in scientific skin therapy. An advanced anti-aging facial, clinically proven to reduce the number of wrinkles and improve skin firmness after just 1 treatment.
60 Mins - Baht 1,800
NOTE: All facial treatments are done in 5 steps session

Price will depend on the hair volume and location.
Baht 500 - Baht 2,500

For more details or booking, please send WhatsApp message to Jun @ +66621671216 or click HERE